Appellation, Head office and Duration

1. The Check-IN Association shall be non-profit organization with the legal address: Rua Campo de Tiro nº 14, 1800 Beja, Freguesia de Santa Maria da Feira, Concelho de Beja and constitute itself as Youth Association.
2. The association shall have fiscal number 509392733 and social security number 25093927331.


1. The Association shall have following goals:

a) Promotion of social and community integration;
b) Promotion of personal, interpersonal and social competencies’ development;
c) Promotion of Active and Global Citizenship as well as respect for Human;
d) Promotion of Tolerance, Intercultural Dialogue and Solidarity among people;
e) Promotion of Education and Cooperation for Sustainable Development;
f) Promotion of Opportunity and Gender Equality;
g) Promotion of Study, Investigation and Information Spread related to young people, in cooperation with public and private entities that angle for social integration and development of adequate policies,
h) Development of synergy and cooperation in network with other public and private organizations in order to develop activities related to environmental defense and risk behavior prevention;
i) Development of cooperation and solidarity among its associates, on the basis of realization of initiatives with reference to youth problematic.


The Association’s assets consist of

a) initial endowment fund constituted by its associates;
b) revenue deriving from assessment established by General Assembly;
c) all revenue from its own goods and revenue made during the course of the carrying out its social activities;
d) donations accepted by the association
e) all subvention assigned to the association

Organs of the association: 

1. The organs of the association are the General Assembly, the President and the Treasury
2. The social organs will hold office for 3 years.

General Assembly

1. The General Assembly is constituted by all association members that shall act according to the rules determined by the Statue.
2. All competencies and activities of General Assembly are established in the Civil Code, namely in article 170. 172. and 179.
3. The Board of Directors is constituted by three associates, the president and two secretaries that summon and hold the General Meetings and develop respective meeting minutes.

Board of Directors

1. The Board of Directors, elected by the General Assembly, is constituted by 7 associates.
2. The Board of Directors is responsible for social, administrative and financial management as well as constitute the legal representation of the Association towards third.
3. The article 171. of Civil Code regulate its functions.
4. All decisions shall be made in agreement with four members of the Association.


1. The Treasury, elected by the General Assembly, is constituted by 3 associates.
2. The Treasury shall control administrative and financial activities of The Board of Directors, control its accounts and reports as well as opine about activities that imply a raise of expenditures or reduction of revenues.
3. The article 171. of Civil Code regulate its functions.

Admission and Expulsion

The conditions of admission or expulsion of members, their category, laws and obligations are in obedience with the regulations approved by the General Assembly.

Dissolution and Devolution of goods

In case of resolution, assets that form the social patrimony of the Association and have not been affected until the date of resolution, donated or contributed to the Association with certain purpose, will be entirely under associate’s considerations

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