Upscale Your Skills 

It was a very enriching project, where we learnt a lot about entrepreneurship with many activities around this major theme. I think the activities were very well organised and at the end of the day I was always happy with how the project was going. In short, I think the local organisation was very good at preparing and carrying out the activities and the workshops we attended were very funny, because we ended up learning a lot about the topic

Tiago G.

The experience was remarkable, as it provided fundamental tools for my future, exploring entrepreneurship and teamwork. The project proved to be extremely enriching: the dynamics were carefully planned and daily satisfaction with the progress achieved was evident.

I highlight the excellent organization of the Portuguese team in the preparation and execution of the activities! The workshops we conducted were not only educational but also extremely fun. This experience left a profound mark, expanding my knowledge and skills significantly.

Ricardo S.

Hello, my name is Luís and I participated in the “Upscale Your Skills” project in Kaunas, Lithuania. This project was very important for me because I was able to learn and work on essential aspects for my future. In this project we work and develop our entrepreneurial spirit, as well as teamwork. Furthermore, I was able to make fantastic friends and get to know a culture very different from mine.

Luís M.

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