VET Mobility in Lisbon


The Check-IN offer participants the opportunity to know other people and other cultures, to grow professionally, to establish interesting contacts and links at local and international level and to be more conscious of their own identity. Aiming at the participants’ professional and personal development, we also work to help them to feel as European citizens and therefore it is important to understand the importance that this kind of projects can have in the participants’ intercultural learning.

We have 10 years of experience to intermediate the Host VET mobilities in Lisbon (Portugal). We create programmes upon request so partners can choose the above options and we can make a personal programme according to your necessities and budget. If you are interested in sending your participants to Portugal we would be glad to begin a collaboration with your organisation. We would be delighted if we could provide you the Letter of Intent or the invitation for the visa in order to participate in your project as a partner. Discovery more about our service here.

Service provided

For that reason, even knowing that the main goal of the VET mobility projects is the work placement and the internship, Check-IN also worries in offering:
– Monitoring the project step by step;
– Constant evaluation and monitoring of all participants;
– Coordinating and managing overall project with financial process;
– Cultural, social, educational and linguistic preparation;
– Organizing logistics such as accommodation (with full-board or half board), local transport, airport transfer, etc.
– Organization of internships in partnership with the employer (agreements with companies and institutions to be held in stages, setting the stage plan);
– Presentation of a final report and dissemination of results;
– Promote the program and the results of the same.


Check-IN makes an attentive analysis of the CVs, motivation letters and application form and tries to match the participant’s profile with the companies and institutions availability and requirements.
For Check-IN it is extremely important to find the right work placement for our students and trainees. The internships depend completely on the participant’s language skills on their vocational training and experience.
In the first days, Check-IN staff will make interviews to all participants and introduce them to the internships responsible.
For us in Check-IN is very important to be in frequent contact with the participants and with the responsible person in all institutions.
Each participant will have a coordinator who will maintain contact throughout the program and in the workplace a person responsible for the internship learning process and constant monitoring.
Check-IN will also organize regular meetings and individual discussions with all participants in order to successfully supervise and evaluate the progress of the internship, and solve any problems that may take place.
At the end of the program participants’ internship objectives fulfillment are discussed and evaluated and cultural experiences are shared.
The participant is responsible to make a final report and another one will be made by Check-IN using the information from the preparation course, the tutor as well as the information from the employer.


This is a simplified list of the sectors of internship that Check-IN could try to assure according to your skills, motivations and learning needs. Check-IN Association in Lisbon a Internships are available of sectors:

– Administration, Accountancy, Office Support, Management, Human Resources and Secretary + Arts & Grafts + Audiovisual, Electronic and electrical + Business departments +  Commerce (Sales, shop assistant,…) + Civil construction (Architecture, Carpentry,…) +  Dance and Music + Education (children and Adult) + Engineering + Food, Cooking, Hygiene, safety at work and Beverage industry + Hairdressing & Beauty +  Health & Social Care +  Heritage & Crafts +  International Trade +  Information technology (software and hardware), Multimedia +  Industrial and graphic design + Insurances + Marketing and Advertising +  Media, Communication + Psychology + Social Work (Childcare, Special Needs, Volunteering and Social Care) + Telecommunications + Tourism (Travel Agency, Tour Operator,…) Hospitality (Hotels,…) and Catering (Restaurants,…)


The intensive Portuguese course will introduce participants to Portuguese culture, history and literature (through newspapers, Portuguese music and folklore, videos, DVD, tapes and discussions) and prepare them for their sectors, before starting the work placement. A wide range of courses is offered which meet any kind of personal need. Our intensive Portuguese courses offer different levels and are handled by qualified teachers. In the language classes (4h per day), the participants would be challenged to develop grammar, oral and written competencies, improving vocabulary, through compositions and conversations. Participants are evaluated through homework, assignments and final examination. Class attendance is obligatory. In the end, all participants will have a certificate with the results of the language course (and according to the type of course, amount of hours studied and level of proficiency).


Check-IN organizes a sociocultural program for all participants. We help the participants to discover the local community developing thematic and interactive visits and organizing intercultural activities where the participants can discover and participate in the local life. Depending on where the participant will do the project, sightseeing tours to the principal cities, other important ones and cultural visits will be made.

Logistical aspect


For a better resource management all participants should arrive at the same dates for a common starting point in their learning process. This agreement will be established between Check-IN and the sending organization. The preference dates for the program are:- Arrival Sunday – Program Start: Monday· (except on National or Local Holidays) – Program End: Friday – Departure: Saturday


This service is provided on the Arrival and on the Departure. Participants will be welcomed at the airport, bus or train station by a member of Check-IN staff. Pickup or minibus from the bus station, train station or Porto/Lisbon/Faro airport, to your accommodation is provided if selected. Details of your arrival such as the date, time and place are required at least 30 days before arrival.


It is advised to every participant the realization of the European Health Insurance Card before they came to Portugal. This is really important, otherwise, they might have to pay a high fee in the Hospital or Health Canters. It is compulsory to have insurance defined by sending entities. The participants must have it before they came and this is from the responsibility to the sending organization.


All the cities (Lisbon) have an extremely reachable and reliable public transport network. When necessary, the participants will always have a way to move from their accommodation to their workplace. Depending on the city, the participants can find a metro, bus, tram, funicular train or boats that will help her/him to discover the city and the surrounding environment. If necessary, Check-IN Association – Cooperation and Development will provide a transport card in this way the volunteer will be able to move freely in the city by public transports.


Regarding the participant’s accommodation, it will be a very important element along with the project, where the participants will be living, cooking, studying and enjoying their free time together. The participant will be hosted in an apartment with different participants from different countries, background, knowledge, culture and language. In this way, the youngster will share the apartment with other Internships participants/ EVS volunteers who will create a multicultural atmosphere. The apartment will be localized nearby the organization and provided to the participant an apartment totally equipped (washing machine, dishware, sheets, blankets, towels, bedclothes for the entire period of the project) with a double or triple bedroom with a fully equipped kitchen, toilet, laundry facilities and living room. The participant will share the room with other persons of the same gender. The costs of electricity, water, gas and internet are covered by Check-IN Association – Cooperation and Development. Accommodation tends to be located in the cities centre, which allows students to reach easily the language course or the workplace, spending no longer than an hour on foot or using public transports. You will be given further information about the accommodation before the arrival date.

Local Environment


Is a country situated in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. It is the westernmost country of Europe, and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the West and South and by Spain to the North and East.
The Atlantic archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira are part of Portugal. The country is named after its second largest city, Porto, whose Latin name was Portus Cale.
Portugal is a developed country with an advanced and high-income economy, with a very high Human Development Index.
Check-IN Association has four nuclei operating in three regions of Portugal: Beja (in the south, where the headquarter is), Lisbon (in the center) and Braga (in the north).


Is the capital city and largest city of Portugal, with a population of 564,657 within its administrative limits on a land area of 84.8 km2.
About 2,831,000 people live in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area (which represents approximately 27% of the population of the country).
Lisbon is the westernmost large city located in Europe, as well as, its westernmost capital city and the only one along the Atlantic coast. It lies in the western Iberian Peninsula on the Atlantic Ocean and the Tagus River.
Lisbon is recognized as an alpha city because of its importance in finance, commerce, media, entertainment, arts, international trade, education, and tourism.
Most of the headquarters of multinationals in the country are located in the Lisbon area and it is the ninth city in the world in terms of quantity of international conferences. It is also the political centre of the country, as seat of Government and residence of the Head of State.
Lisbon has two sites listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site: Belém Tower and Jerónimos Monastery. Furthermore, in 1994, Lisbon was the European Capital of Culture and in 1998 organized an Expo ’98 (1998 Lisbon World Exposition).
Lisbon enjoys a Mediterranean climate. Among all the metropolises in Europe, it has the warmest winters (together with Barcelona), with average temperatures 15 °C during the day and 8 °C at night in the period from December to February. The typical summer’s season lasts about six months, from May to October.


Check-IN Presentation

Check-IN is a Intermediate organization, and works in close cooperation with public and private entities, actively participating in everyday quality improvement activities.
Our success lies in the quality and professionalism of our Staff, which are a group of dynamic and motivated young associated, with exceptional organizational and customer service skills.
Check-IN staff shares a common experience and/or will of being involved in the field of international youth mobility projects, Internships programmes and Adult education.
Check-IN Association aims at organizing activities at the local, national and international level; therefore, it has four nuclei operating in four regions of Portugal: Beja (in the south, where the headquarter is) and Lisbon (in the center)
Check-IN is a mindful entity that has also a special concern for those young and adult people with less privileged access to information and the subsequent implementation of mobility projects, when the reason has to do with their geographical location, their economic status or their personal situation.
Check-IN Association aims to be a medium of information, training and access to lifelong learning opportunities for young and adult people as well as being the promoter


If you have any question contact us by e-mail: or by phone: +351.963224049

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