CYBER ACADEMY 4YOUth is a project that will allow children and young people with few opportunities from Portugal to be socially and digitally included. In the 21st century, denying the digital is denying reality, present time and current trends as well as not envisioning the future. The global importance of having access to information, communication technologies and digital resources in fulfilling responsibilities is a meaningful understanding.

More specifically,  by focusing on Cyber Security, we believe that by providing our participants and community the necessary means and resources to promote values, skills, knowledge and critical understanding, we will enable them to face the challenges of daily living successfully. Through positive attitudes and solid competences, children and young people become more resilient, while  facing the challenges posed by digital technologies and the Internet, with a view to equality and equity, in social and digital terms.


-To receive information and knowledge on Cyber Security;

-To achieve digital autonomy and a proficient use of informatic tools;

-To be agents of change in the face of a problem and becoming focal points for the local communities.

Target Group

Direct participants to be involved = 30 participants:

– 10 Children (10 to 13 years old)

– 10 Young people (14 to 18 years old)

– 10 Young people (19  to 25 years old)

Indirect* participants to be involved = aprox. 100 young people


Cyber Security Course - Basic Level

75 hours – 6 months with 3 hours per week (twice)

Cyber Security Course - Advanced Level

100 hours – 6 months with 4 hours per week (twice)

Cyber Academy Competition

Involve young people from different background