This international partnership project is based on important topics such as community development, digital youth work and the inclusion of marginalized people. The work carried out by the consortium of four international partners has the primary aim of increasing the quality of youth workers in the areas of cultural diversity and social inclusion.

The main objectives are to create a series of tools that workers can use, especially in contexts where this work is digitalized. In this way, young people with fewer opportunities are supported in developing transversal skills and contribute to the scope and development of the work carried out by technicians, which can contribute to the development of local communities and increase their sense of belonging to a broader European community.

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International Partners
– Plan B – Spain
– IRSEI – Italy
– Intermedikt – Greece

National Partners
– Municipality of Beja
– Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth

– Erasmus+, reference number: 2021-1-ES02-KA210-YOU-000033931


The main activities of the project  COM – Communities Organising Movements: 

Initial Meeting

Partners met in Lisbon (Portugal) to prepare the next stages of the project.

Online Videos

Creation of several reels for online platforms to warn young people about the dangers of social networks.

Training Course - Salamanca

Training for youth workers in the project, to develop various workshops on social media and working with young people. This training course was designed to rethink the digital transition in youth work, as well as the phenomena they need to be aware of and which have been launched by social networks.

Local Activities

Each partner will implement a local workshop to raise young people’s awareness of the project’s themes.


Develop and research local questionnaires to help the work done by youth workers in your locality.


Over the course of the COM project, we will share all the materials produced and disseminate them nationally and internationally.

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