The project aims to stimulate a change of perspectives from the traditionalist approach to viewing oneself and their expertise as a brand and empowering both educators and their adult learners to overcome their fears and ‘go out there’ and be visible as a service provider on the market thus making the field where they work more live, competitive, fulfilling and enriching.

Specifically, Branding4U aims to boost youth workers professionals with knowledge of personal marketing and personal branding, with special focus on digital tools and social media. This contributes to the developmnt of entrepreneurial mindset amidst youth workers and to the reavaluation of opportunities given by personal branding and its effect on employability and recruitment.

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International Partners
– Oriel – Italy
– Fundacja Mlodzi Dla Europy – Poland
– Globers – Spain

National Partners
– Municipality of Beja
– Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth

– Erasmus+, reference number: _


The main activities of the Branding4U project

Partners meetings

Initial meeting between partners to start the project,and other intermediate meetings to accompany the develop of the project and planning further activities.

3 Training Course

During the project, 3 training courses will be implemented (Poland, Spain and Italy) about the concepts of pesonal branding and its importance in youth work and facilitation of non-formal education workshops.

Plataforma Instagram

The instagram account of the project will collect information on a variety of topics that are useful for youth workers and youngsters who want to learn more about personal branding


Durante o projeto

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