53-KA2-19 -BIC

Blended Mobility of Young People

19th – 23rd July 2021

Varna, Bulgaria

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Background Compared to the past, the world has become globally open and young people need to leave their usual comfort zone and explore different lands through studying, working and travelling. This creates new multicultural environments in places, which are traditionally mono-cultural. However, Europe is facing major challenges in promoting social inclusion and cultural diversity as core values that unite the Member States. By exploring and sharing good practices and innovative methods and strategies of dealing with the challenges in multicultural environments for youth organisations and overcoming cultural shock, stereotyping, prejudices, discrimination and stigmatisation through intercultural communication and dialogue among young people, the project “Building Intercultural Competences” will raise awareness among young people about the importance of intercultural communication and mutual understanding.


The general objective of BIC is to help young people understand the importance of social inclusion and cultural diversity and build intercultural competences. The project involves 5 partner organisations from 5 countries:

● Varna University of Management (Bulgaria)

● Inter Alia (Greece)

● SFERA INTERNATIONAL (Republic of North Macedonia)

● Demostene (Italy)

● Check-In Association (Portugal)


● Cross Culture International Foundation (CCIF Malta)


One of the activities planned to take place in the framework of the project is a Blended mobility of young people, which will take place in Varna, Bulgaria from 19th to 23rd July 2021. During the training, the participants will be put in different life situations and they will have to use different strategies, identified during the research activities. The aim of this activity is practically to experiment the application and relevance of the determined good practices of creating an intercultural environment and prepared strategies for overcoming cultural shock and stereotypes. Additionally, the direct participants in the training will gain valuable knowledge, skills and attitudes to cope with different situations and issues, which may arise during their stay abroad among people with different cultural backgrounds. 


Each participant will be entitled to receive a YouthPass certificate after the activity.


Mais informações: antonio.gomes@checkin.org.pt


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Please fill in the application form in english. The applications written in any other language will not be considered eligible. This application is for portuguese people only or people living in Portugal.




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