The Long Way to Europe

The Long Way to Europe

The Long Way to Europe (TLWE)

Description and goals

The project “The Long Way to Europe” intends to give the opportunity to more than 300 participants, from 9 EU Countries + RS, to reflect, with the use of formal and non-formal methods,on the fundamental principles of freedom,democracy and human rights. It is inspired by the story of a deported Romanian Jewish painter, Zivi Miller. Through the 4 main stages of the Zivi Miller’s trip, the youth, during 18 months, will take part to 4 international events in Romania, Poland, Italy and Cyprus. They will learn from the past and reflect on the future of Europe and the sense of being active citizens. Each event will be focused on specific issues directly linked to Zivi’s esperience: discrimination and racism in Romania, crimes against humanity and human rights in Poland, inclusion of migrants in Italy and freedom of movement and peace in Cyprus. During the international events,the young participants will learn, see, reflect and act about the lesson of our history. Thanks to the visit of museums and historical sites, the testimonies of witness and experts, discussions and debates within the groups, the participants will be able to tackle these issues and to focus about today situation in Europe. These reflections will be expressed by the young participants with draws, murals or graffiti. They will also be trained to share their visions and expectations about the future of Europe as active citizens and to share it with the tool called ‘Porteurs de paroles”. These innovative and participative practices of public place interaction will be used to promote directly in the streets the debate and the participation of the citizens about the European Values. These methods to raise awareness will be not only experimented during the International Events, but also organized by the youth in their communities (30 local events) with the help of 10 youth registered as European Solidarity Corps (ESC). The results of TLWE will be disseminated in all the European countries thanks to the European networks of the partners.

Some innovative and participative practices of public place interaction will be developed in order to promote directly in the street the debate and the participation of the European citizens. These street methods to raise awareness will be experimented during the International Events and organized by young people in the local context of each national group. There will be also produced 4 communication tools: DVDs, a project website, postcards and brochures.


Project Preparation Meeting - Italy

First Meeting - Romania

Second Meeting - Poland

Third Meeting - Italy

Forth Meeting - Cyprus


Stowarzyszenie Moje Marzenia Spelniaja (Poland): Stowarzyszenie Moje Marzenia Meeł się (MMS) was founded in 2011 by a group of young enthusiasts interested in general social development, intercultural education, as well as building human and organizational potential. Our mission is to support people of all ages in realizing dreams, and thus to positively influence the negative outlook of many, especially young people, in our region and beyond.

Fattoria Pugliese Diffusa Associazione Culturale (Italy): FPD was founded in 2009, thanks the Regional Governament which granted its foundation on the basis of the activities planned for the social development of the regional rural areas.It is a non-profit regional civil organization, made by young and senior people. It's mission is to promote and facilitate the development of rural areas of the Puglia Region, thanks to the implementation of projects concerning volunteering, youth, social inclusion, environment protection, sustainable development, promotion of the importance of biodiversity, organic farming, nature and sport and outdoor activities. FPD focuses its attention on European mobility, both for the personal development of its single members and for the growth of local partner organizations at International level.

Diritti a Sud (Italy): It is a non-profit association that fights for the reception, the legality, the integration and the sense of community, unite the differences and educate to tolerance in the south of Italy.

Go Free - Asociata Pentru Sprijinirea Societatii Civile (Romania): The aim of the organization “Go Free – the Association for the Support of Civil Society” is to raise the level of culture, education and democracy in the civil society of Romania. Its objectives include the support of democratic values and principles, the support of minorities and promotion of cultural diversity in the national and European space, creating opportuni­ties for the involvement of youth in the development of the community.

Association for Historical Dialogue & Research (Cyprus): The Association for Historical Dialogue and Research (AHDR) is a unique multi-communal, non-for- profit, non-governmental organization established in Nicosia in 2003. Since its foundation, the AHDR has enlisted members from various ethnic, linguistic, and professional backgrounds working at various educational levels in Cyprus, making the first steps towards a greater effort to maintain a continuous, open dialogue about enhanced pedagogic practices that could encourage the values of the discipline of history.

Concordia Aquitaine (France): It is a French association (law of 1901) of Popular Education which organizes voluntary activities and international exchange since 1950. The purpose of the association to its creation was the reconstruction and the peace in Europe and this remains the base of our philosophy. Concordia's objectives are: -To contribute to the animation of social life through the participation of French and foreign participants in the realization of civil works of general interest.-To promote the movement of people and ideas through international exchanges in A goal of knowledge and mutual understanding and peace.- To promote an educational project, encouraging active citizenship of people for a democratic, united and participative society.

Bedekovcanska Udruga Mladih (Croatia): Bedekovčanska udruga mladih is a non-profit organization created with the purpose of promoting the content of free time of youth in Bedekovcina and creating the best conditions for the dignified development of young people in Bedekovcina.

Nacionaline Nevyriausybiniu Vystomojo Bendradarbiavimo Organizaciju Platforma (Lithuania): National Non-Governmental Development Cooperation Organisations’ Platform (Lithuanian NGDO Platform) brings together 20 Lithuanian non-governmental organisations working in the field of development cooperation and global education. NGDO Platform was established in 2007. The NGDO Platform works in the following areas targeting different societal groups:Young people: NGDO Platform implements public awareness raising and civic education especially in relation to global interdependencies and international development especially targeting young people, educators in formal and non-formal settings.

Associação Check-in – Cooperação e Desenvolvimento (Portugal): Check-IN - Cooperation and Development is a non-profit association founded in 2010, based in Beja but also operating in the center of Lisbon. The main objectives of Check-In action are to promote lifelong learning opportunities, to encourage young people to be active citizens and participants in the life of the local community, to encourage social integration and inclusion, and education for sustainable development.

Udruzenje Gradjania “Zil Vern” – Centar Za Multikulturalnu Saradnju (Serbia): The Association of Citizens "Center for Multicultural Cooperation Zil Vern" was founded as a non-profit NGO in 2001. Programs organized in the association are intended for children aged 2 to 18, but also adults. The main purpose of all activities in the "Žil Vern" Center is to exchange and familiarize with the differences of cultures by insisting on the French-Serbian relations. Since 2007, Center Zil Vern has been accredited by the European Union for long-term volunteer projects.

Fundacia Edukacyjne Centrum Zydowskie (Poland): The Auschwitz Jewish Center (AJC) is the only Jewish presence in Oświęcim – the town the Germans called Auschwitz – which is primarily associated with the site of the darkest tragedy of the 20th century. AJC is affiliated with the Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust in New York. AJC’s mission is to honor the former residents of the town and to teach future generations about the destruction caused by the Holocaust as well as modern dangers of intolerance and prejudice.

Asociate Tom Cr, Tom 21105 Dumanci (Czech Republic): Asociace TOM CR, TOM 21105 Dumánci was created to gather youth workers to give them a legal opportunity to participate in the educational process of young people. It has officially worked with children and young people for seven years, but the non-formal group called Dumánci has existed for more than nine years now. Most of our activities were carried out on regional or national level.


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